Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Halo | Darlie

Found the right guy? Going out for a date? Here's to help you out! And you can win a price too! *OK this line sounds cheesy, hahahaha*

I've been getting lotsa complains from my friends about my updates on Brushing My Teeth, everyday! For 14 days. Well, I just told them I want to win this contest ~ All White Contest by DARLIE. Come here ~

The thing is; nowadays everyone is on FB. So, where's the best place to popularize this contest? BINGO. Fret not if you don't have a FB account *BOO!!!* You can always go to their main website.

There's 7 tasks to complete within the 14 days, starting day you join the contest. It's very easy. Just follow their instructions and upload 3 photos ~ you with your white dress choice, you with your white shoes choice *this is for your white date :)* and 1 more photo (special task) is you with DARLIE. Sounds easy? It is!

What's a contest without a great row of prizes? Here's what I'm playing for. The Grand Prize ~ Luxury White handbag. First Prize ~ iPhone, Second Prize ~ Sony VAIO P Series Notebook and Consolation Prize ~ Sony MP3 Player. Not bad eh?

I want the Sony VAIO P Series Notebook. I want it coz it's gorgeous! And I love to surf the net anytime, anywhere. And being WHITE, it's a plus! I just need another photo with DARLIE.

So, I got the white dress and shoe photos. Submitted. And right after I submit the last photo, I shall leave it to the God's hand. *keeping all my fingers and toes crossed*

What do you think? Do I stand a chance? :)

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