Sunday, August 2, 2009

Food | Canton-i @ 1 Utama

~muahahaha~ Well, kinda lah. Yesterday, went to this restaurant ~ Canton-i at 1 Utama with Weng, Fong & Rachel. That is, after 2 hours of karaoke *de-stressing session* So, we headed to have PORK! *oink~ oink*

As you can see, the 'char siew' & 'siew yoke' is the most we ordered. And damn! It's delicious! I know it's fattening but hey, once it a while can lah. Rachel had the combination set where you can choose between 'char siew', 'siew yoke' & duck. Here we have the wantan mee with 'siew yoke' eaten by Weng. A bit oily and shiny, he claimed.

Even the 'char siew'~'siew yoke' rice it tempting. Fong didn't even leave any piece lying around uneaten. Hehe.

OK. I was the boring one who ordered the porridge. Erm. Can't remember which one. There was a lot of porridge selection, ranging from RM4++ to RM20++. Mine is with cabbage and some weied tasting fish balls. But I think the plain porridge is good enough. Very, very smooth. Yummy!

After gallopping sinfully, we washed it down with chinese tea and flower tea. Chinese tea comes like this ~ very cross cultural. It looks like we're having western tea. While flower tea comes in a glass. Very beaitifu, I must say looking at the flower blooming when hot water hits it.

There you go. Not bad ~ a bit pricey but the pork ~ PASS!

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