Monday, August 31, 2009

Couch | Me Outdated

I've been controlling my expenses nowadays. Need to cut down. Times are bad. So, just stayed home and watched some expired DVD. Anyone remember Knowing? It's a movie with Nicolas Cage. I can't blame you for not remembering this. It was not promoted widely and I don't thinl it stayed on the silver screen for long.

Fret not. Got it downloaded *ops* It was crystal clear *ops* Anyway, it was a good movie. Not as grand as Transformers but it was good. Knowing the future is the main storyline. It's about knowing that the world you've been living in will end soon. Yeah! The plot sounds familiar. It's a natural phenomenon that I've heard it's really been predicted to happen.

The sun as we all know is a ball of fire and sometimes it burst out flames. And you also know that Earth is the third planet from the Sun. Do the calculation... *tick, tock, tick, tock* The flame will reach Earth and will destroy it. No where to run, no where to hide.

This time the alien came to the rescue *well, kind of* Choosing kids to another planet to start human race again. And you start to wonder, when will the "KNOWING" comes in? Somehow a girl from 5 decades ago heard whispers from these aliens and she noted it down in codes. 5 decades later, this codes came to John (Nicolas Cage) and he decipher it. Matching it with worldwide death events for the last 50 years. *Canggih, kan?*

Anyway, I liked it. You? Maybe after reading this, you might not want to watch it already, rite? Hehehe.

Next in line, the 3 hours long ~ The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Yes, the one with Brad Pitt it it. And yes, I was waiting for Benjamin to grow into Brad Pitt. Ahhh....

This is a long one. It was a real curiosity for me about Benjamin. You might already know that he was born old and grew younger. And that's all you know. But there's a love story behind this curios story. Imagine that you can live with your other half for a few years before one grows older and the other grows younger. The pain of the separation and the agony seeing your loved one taking the last breath lying in your hands.

Well, this movie takes you through all these. A very sad one, I must say. Be prepared.

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