Monday, August 24, 2009

Screen | UP

UP, UP & AWAY...

To 3D? Not to 3D? Well, I think the 3D is not worth it. Cost: RM17! Yes! This is not a typo. I saw it at Cineleisure. And I don't really think it's worth the price.

Don't get me wrong. I have nothing against the movie. I loved it. It's just that the 3D was not a 'Waaahhhhh' factor. Better go for the 2D.

I left the cinema with a bitter sweet feeling. Bitter coz of the beginning of the movie, it started off with a kinda sad feeling. You know what I mean when you go see it. Carl and Ellie is the happiest couple you've ever seen. Even without children, they had each other =)

To fulfill a dream that Ellie once had when she met Carl for the first time, he got themselves a trip to Venezuela. Unfortunately the trip never happen *boo hoo* Continuing his life alone, comes in Russell - an 8 year old Wilderness Explorer. With Russell, they went to an adventure to South America - Paradise Fall in his floating house ~ Ellie's wish to have her house there.

It was sad and happy and also left me feeling all tingling. Feeling that Ellie wasn't there with Carl but also feeling Russell being there with Carl. Not to mention, it was funny too. I wanted to pinch Russell so much... So cute...

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