Friday, August 7, 2009

Halo | Tiki GOD :)

*ugah~ugah* I have a sudden urge to say that! Hehehe. What do we have here? Cute looking Tiki on the loose. Weng got me this t-shirt from a friend of his. The main character is none other than ~ TIKI GOD himself. Do check out to see more :)

It comes in a nice box with a woven bag. A closer look at the box. Lot'sa hard work has been put in to have this kinda success.

And have a look inside! I got a notebook, 3 small badges and 1 big badge. Kawa-i neh... You can choose from a whole lots of stuff at the shop @ Jaya One. I was really spoilt by choices of the badges.

Weng and me got ourselves each one. Just look at the badges. If you were here, you really don't know which one to take. But you can always buy extra.

I got the HAPPY GOD. Laughing out loud, actually. Mine is white while Weng got the NAUGHTY GOD that is in black. Quality wise - not bad, not bad at all.

I sure hope that this can be famous here :)

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