Monday, June 8, 2009

Trippin | 2 hills in 1 day

Bored of the city? Sick of going to the same shopping mall over and over again? Head on out for a road trip! *I sound like an advertisement, hehe*

As we're thinking on how to spend our precious weekends, suddenly he came up with an idea going to Bukit Tinggi. I have never been up there before. So, this is the first time *and the last too!*

The drive wasn't too bad. It's a bit further from Genting Highlands. Comparing driving up to Genting, Bukit Tinggi is much easier *according to him*

How shall I say it... Hmm... Bukit Tinggi ~ hot is one of em'. The place is a bit deserted in the morning. But by noon, crowds are visible. I think they have the same voice I have, "Like that only, ah? Next time don't want to come ler"

The Colmar Tropicale is just a short street with French looking buildings. These are actually hotel rooms. And some eatery places which is not that appealing. I just don't fancy the place. Sorry.

The castle

The short street

The one thing I liked was the Japanese Village. At least there's something different. I'm not sure is it because of the bad weather or what. It was HOT. I was sweating all the way.

The ala-Japanese entrance

You can stay here in the Ume Tatami Suite at the Japanese Village. But it will cost you a bomb. While I was here, I don't see anyone renting it. There's this Tatami Spa too, which is also empty. And the price, I shall not give you a heart attack. Let's just enjoy the scenery.

Soothing small waterfall

The trip only lasted us till noon. We just headed off to Genting Highlands. At this time, it was packed with people! School holiday is still on, Saturday noon. Of course there's a big crowd.

No we did not went to casino *shorts and slippers are not allowed in*. Theme park? No... it was packed and we don't really fancy scaring our fragile hearts. We ended up at Coffee Bean, sipping our favourite drinks and just enjoy the cool weather. Yes, it's cooler here than Bukit Tinggi.

Ahh... The legendary logo

It always make me wonder, why people keep coming back to Genting. For me I'll come back here over Bukit Tinggi. Maybe the rumours are true. There are little ghost that ties your legs here. *wait a minute... those are rumours for the gamblers* Hmm... just be simple, it's the weather that makes me want to return here again :)

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