Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Halo | Blood Part 2

Hah! It's not the sequel of BLOOD: The Last Vampire o_O

My heart is at the right place BUT my blood is not. . . No, I'm not down with some kind of illness. There was a blood donation going on at my work place. And being a kind-hearted girl *fooyoh*, I went with a BIG heart! This is not my first time.

Happily went in and have my finger poked for blood test. And "WHAT?!" I can't donate blood? Yes... They say I don't have enough iron in my blood. Well... I did try. Not being chicken like some people *hehe*

What can I do? They don't want my blood. But Mindy and Darren passed the test and donated! Woohoo! Darren, there goes your "first time". Hahaha.

So, maybe next time for me. Maybe I'll go chew on some metal lamp post in the meantime.


~suddenly i thought of Edward Cullen ... awww~

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