Sunday, June 21, 2009

Screen | Terminator Salvation

Let me get this straight. This Terminator Salvation has no relation with the first 3 Terminator movies. Yes. It's true! Coz I got a "little" confuse at the middle of it. I keep trying to draw a timeline during the movie. But it makes no sense! Then ~~ he says, don't link back to the old Terminator then you'll understand. True enough ~ it makes sense after that :)

The main storyline is still there, saying Skynet has taken over the world. Judgement Day happened and the machine is out there to kill all human. But the timeline is different from all previous Terminators. John Connor does not belongs to 1995 as in Terminator 2: Judgement Day. He belongs to the future and went back in to the pass ~ Year 2018.

I'm not too sure whether this make sense or not. But the main thing is ~~ he needs to save his father, Kyle Reese (which is a teenager in 2018) so that he will exist in the future and become the leader of the Resistance.

I think I'm confusing a whole lot of people here. Maybe you have your say?

As for the movie... It was just an OK for me. Not because of the confusion part, as in the storyline... it was just OK. But Christian Bale is HOT!

As John Connor

Christian Bale ~ I prefer him with long hair

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