Saturday, June 6, 2009

Halo | Nokia N97

Doesn't it takes your breath away??? It did that to me... Just look at that sexy body... The way it slides up... Ahhhhhh......
I'm trying to make my blog space become 18SX. But just look at the new Nokia N97! It just makes me all tingling.

So, what makes this N97 great? To be compared with the famous Iphone? I think it's around the same price but I'll take N97 over Iphone. N97 looks cooler with its QWERTY keypad for easy typing. Not just that, it has touch screen too!

Nowadays, people on the move so much that they want to strapped their laptop on their neck. Having N97, it's just like your mini laptop! You can easily be connected to the Web, updating your Facebook status, uploading the photo of a hot chick that you just snapped, checking out the latest news and the list goes on and on!

But what makes it different from the others? You know how you like to personalize your laptop or desktop. You can customize your layout the way you like with N97. Having Facebook on your top list, next to the StarOnline news feed, squashed between your email box and your stock market news.

Armed with a 5.0 megapixel camera, you are guaranteed to a perfect snaps always! And you can upload it immediately on the Web!

I know I'm a bit hard-sell on N97. But I really think it's a good mobile phone to invest on. So, it's going to my wish list! =)

Check out the demo here!

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