Sunday, June 28, 2009

Halo | Urbanscapes 2009

I went to Urbanscapes 2009 @ KLPAC. It's an art-ty event by KLue, participated by people who loves music, arts, files, photography and fashion.

It was a rainy day yesterday but that didn't stop people to join in the fun at KLPAC. Having a free tix, I went as well :) The event was packed. Parking was a nightmare as the parking bays wasn't enough to accommodate the crowds. Finally got the car parked and we walked to the entrance. Which was not really an entrance. Even without the tix, you can go in.

It started off with the flea market, like those you see in The Curve. Most of them are selling clothes and accessories. But there are a few that are interesting which fits the bill of personal art creation. Not having clothes bought in bulk from Bangkok to be sold here.

Further in the market, there's the KLPAC building *not sure what's the name* Here there are some real people tyring to use their art. Besides that, there's a few auditorium showing local films and local group jamming. Not bad actually... And without the tix, you can't go in.
Now I know what's the use of the tix.

Comparing to the arts event in other countries like Taiwan and Japan, we still have a lot of catch-up to do. Ganbateh! Jia You!

Anyway, I did get something back from Urbanscapes 2009. A bag from Tongue in Chic! Got it for free by showing them a photo of myself at their booth. Not bad, eh?


What's Tongue in Chic, you say? It's about what's happening in fashion, sales, event. Check out Tongue in Chic at

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