Friday, July 17, 2009

Screen | Potter

After last year's postponement, the 6th has finally arrived ~~ HARRY POTTER & THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE. With high hope we went to the cinema on the first day of it's screening. Plus I got Buy 1 Free 1 with Citibank Clear Card @ Cathay, Cineleisure.

Anyway, let's go back to the movie. I remember seeing the preview that made me anticipated for the movie. BUT! Yes. There's a BUT. I was quite disappointed. It was a flat-line. There was no peak nor plunge. The book wasn't that way. OKOK. I know I must not compare movie with book. But the main thing *someone died* was just casually brought through. *I felt very down after reading that part*

The kids has grown up. Hormones raging! First love, first kiss... Ahhh... Well, this was mostly what the movie talked about. And some about the Dark Lord rising. And let's not forget about the Half Blood Prince. I nearly forgotten about the Half Blood Prince, which was also 'just a mentioned' in the movie. About the Advance Potion book that belongs to the Half Blood Prince and went to Harry. I think I mentioned enough about the Half Blood Prince here. Hehe. must give some credits lah, it's the title of the movie

Don't get me wrong. I like Harry Potter. It's just that this time... the movie wasn't that good. Let's just wait for the finale ~~ The Deadly Hallows. Heard that it will be broken into 2 parts. I think Harry, Hermione and Ron would be really grown up. o_O

Talking about growing up. Look at Emma Watson aka Hermione! Gorgeous~~in the Burberry's Autumn/Winter Ads.

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