Monday, July 6, 2009

Halo | San San's Big Day

~4th JULY 2009~
San San & Jarvis


San San, my secondary school-mate finally stepped into another level ~ marriage. I'm so happy for her. A few of my mates became her 'ji mui' on the happy day. Managed to squeeze some cash out of her hubby, Jarvis. Hehehe. I hope the 'heng dai' don't recognize me. If not, I'll be dead.

Weddings are like some sort of gathering for us. To meet old friends again and chat. Gone was the days we talked about who's going out with who. Now the topic are about their babies. Time really flies. How some of us have grown up, even horizontally. Hahahahaha.

So, here we are ~ 10 years after Form 5. Woah. 10 years! Ahh... the memories :)

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