Sunday, July 19, 2009

Halo | House Warming ~ Slot 3 & 4

I know that you might have gotten bored with this house warming thingy. Hehehe. We just wanted our house to become a home ~ filled with people and laughter! So, here's the Slot 3 & 4.

It was a smaller scale with just a few friends over. Slot 3 was for my secondary school mates - SMKPJI. We did some catch up about the good ol' days. Sigh. I sound old...

Anyway, what's a house warming without food? Even for a smaller group, food must be served. I hope I didn't gained too much from the food feast for the whole month! Yes. House warming has been happening for every weekend for this month.

Just look at the feast! It's not much but I can assure you that it has a lot of calories. And with me out of the gym, I can feel myself expanding sideways.

Slot 3 - SMKPJI

Here comes Slot 4 ~~ his x-colleagues. This time pasta! Burp! Thanks Tara ~ the chef of the day!

Slot 4

p/s: just one more to go... hehehe

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