Monday, July 13, 2009

Halo | House Warming ~ Slot 2

*TING~TING* Round 2!

I wanted to put in some nice food pix, but... I was too busy with the food and the people. Didn't have time to snap any until all the food is gone. Well, just look at the crowd! At least count the slippers there. Hahaha!

This time around was his office ~ Interaktif Kompass. We had a pot luck. So, no need to 'tapau' or to cook! Yeay!. Food was great. Thank you all! *muaks! muaks!* Love the PORK! That we all need to fight our way to get it. The lovely Siam noodle paired with the yummylicious Chicken Curry.

How can I forget the Satay and nasi himpit? Hehehe... And who can live without desserts? We got plenty to choose from Bread Pudding to Homemade Muffin, from Konyuku Jelly to the cakes selections. And the ice creams that we didn't have a chance to taste it. Why? just look back at what you've just read!

Last but not least, thanks to the Drinks Team for refilling the refreshment :)

*I hope I didn't left anyone out*

~this entry sounds like some cooking/eating event, doesn't it?~

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