Friday, March 9, 2012

Halo | More for baby ^^

Well... well... there's seems to be no STOP button for baby shopping =) He insisted to get this little outfit for baby... Yes, it has tentacles. I hope baby won't mind having her friends laughing at her baby photos when she's 15!

And he says baby doesn't have her first toy yet. So, ok lah... First toy. Not a bad thing ma. Let's just hope that we can control ourselves not to buy her 100th toy when she's just 1 month old =p

And this one is actually for him la. We didn't get a stroller, so we got this instead. Hope baby can comfortably sit in it =)

Let me get this straight ya. I didn't get her 3 bips. It's from my friend, OY that came back from Bangkok (which I was supposed to go also). Asked her to get cute outfits, but ended up with cute bips. Seems like Bangkok is not cheap for baby's stuff...

And she got me 2 Mama bags from Naraya! Huge ones! I think I can fit baby in it! Thanks OY!

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