Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Halo | Got Milk?

Yes! *well, I hope so =p* Being a mom, you try to give what's the best for your baby. So, I'm very gung-ho to breastfeed my baby. We went all the way to Sri Petaling to attend a talk about it. http://www.lovebreastfeeding.com/breastfeeding-class.html Which I find it was very informative. The talk hosted by a mother of four, Gina Yong. She has a book too! The whole 4 hours talk cost RM129.

Baby now can hear our conversation, move with the music I listen, kick when I watch movies =) So, got a kiddy CD. Listening to it... hmmm... not sure is the thing for baby or not. I've been letting her listen to instrumental music. Which I think it's better =) But it's good for the later years =p Else I'll just give her to listen to Jay Chou and Jacky Cheung. Yeay!

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