Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Food | Morganfield's

Nice ribs to intro! Sticky Bones @ Morganfield's, Pavilion. Tried the normal flavored and the peppercorn. I personally liked the peppercorn ^^ A tinge of spicy ^^ It comes in half rack @ RM36.90 (lunch set). Not too sure what's the price for ala-carte. The lunch set comes with fries, coleslaw and bottomless drink. Quite worth it.

Well, besides the ribs, there are other stuff which I have yet to try. Lunch set starts from RM16.90. But only valid on weekdays..... I still have time to try some before I pop =)

So, head on down to Pavilion to gnaw on some ribs. *heard that it's better than Chicago Ribs in 1U, I haven't tried that also. hehehe*

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youliang said...

yup.pretty good place :D