Friday, January 20, 2012

Screen | The Viral Factor

Jay's movie ~ how can I miss it? Hehehe! The most awaited movie that caused KL area a little havoc. Adding to that, Nicholas is it it too! I can say Jay's acting has improved and Nicholas, needless to say ~ well done!

The Viral Factor, Jay as Jon is an International Security Affair agent. On a mission he was shot by his own team, traitor. Landed him with just a few weeks to live. That launches him to look for his long lost father and brother in Malaysia. His mom left them when he was young.

Nicholas as Yeung portraying as Jon's brother is working for the bad guy. Making them enemies. So, what will happened? =)

Looking at Malaysia on the big screen does seems a bit weird. Especially during the chasing part. How can the chase on foot from Putrajaya ended in Bukit Bintang. Well, I think it's OK for other people. But for Malaysian, we know the map. Hehehe.

All and all, the movie was good. I'm not saying coz of Jay, OK? Hehehe! Enjoy!

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