Thursday, January 26, 2012

Screen | 2012 CNY Movies

The first CNY movie I watched was Ah Beng The Movie. Must support local production! Hehehe! Actually it's kinda OK. But compared with the past 2 years ~ Woohoo and Great Day are better. But Jack Lim, being his first written movie ~ Pass la.

The storyline is good but I think there was some problem with the editing part. Sometimes it feels like its suddenly cut off or suddenly jump to another scene. You should watch it =) Nice CNY movie to start with.

Next in line, I Love HK 2012. Well, well, well. No big surprise here. Following the trend of All's Well, End's Well, they came out with the this after I Love HK 2011 last year. Utilizing the TVB people, you'll see a lot of familiar faces. But this time, I think the people involved are lesser. Budget constraints?

Anyway, it's just another CNY movie. Good laugh to spend your long CNY holiday =)

That's it for now. Hope to get to watch All's Well End's Well 2012. Not too high hopes. Maybe it's just another CNY movie =p

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