Friday, June 10, 2011

Screen | Super 8

Some might say that this reminds them of E.T., a new version of E.T. To be honest, I can't remember the details of E.T. Just remembered that the kid on bicycle in a field. Which was about the same in here. But I find that Super 8 was kinda cool.

Maybe I just love the 80's feel of the movie itself. Love the mood, the cars, the attire, the style. But the storyline was quite interesting. Looking into aliens through another viewpoint.

Yup. The movie is about an alien stranded on Earth waiting to rebuild it's spaceship to go home. And as you know, humans like to poke around stuff. Holding it captive while pretending to help it. Furious about this, a scientist help the alien to escape. But to the horror, the alien was so pissed off about their 'hospitality', it went off killing people while fixing up his ride.

It was a happy ending, actually. I liked it. Not a "WOW" movie. But not bad as well.

Uhh! You have to download Super 8 iPhone app. It's a video making app, very cool =)

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