Sunday, June 5, 2011

Halo | Where all hell breaks free

With just a week before my brother-in-law gets married, I was without any dress! OMG! I know, I know... Last minute. What can I say? It's a norm =P So, this weekend must get myself a dress for the wedding dinner and something nice for the tea ceremony.

To 1U, he said! And the whole day was there. From breakfast till dinner. Luckily not till supper! Along the way, we met up with the usual suspects ~ Ah Ney and Bubu. They had their share of FUN too! But I think that their wallet doesn't really agree. LOL!

So, my haul was rather simple. Yes! I've controlled myself. Well, kinda. Got myself a nice dress from Key Ng, a top and pants from Pink Revolution boutique. And a nice 'dress' for my iPhone from Cath Kidston (from a shop ~ Deeper & Harder)

Not bad, eh? Yes, I didn't get any shoes. Just have to make do of what I have in my shoe rack =)


saltvinegar said...

How much is the cath kidston case? nearly bought in in Spore but it was around RM50?

~niCoLe~ said...

It's RM39.90. But a friend told me that its cheaper on eBay. Just RM10. Dunno how true is it.