Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Screen | The Social Network

Never thought that this would be a good movie to watch! THE SOCIAL NETWORK is a must see if you're a FB fanatics or die-hard programmer.

I think you should all know this is about Facebook and the founders. Yes, Mark Zuckerberg. A true story on how FB started. There might be some added on fiction into it tho.

So, it all started with a girl. Mark's girlfriend that became his ex. With the anger he had, he started a page called Facemash with his friend Eduardo, that compares girls in the uni. Which was a hit and that made a lot of girls hated him! Soon enough he had an idea of social network and a revolution of communication ~ Facebook was born. But it seems that he had stolen this idea from Winklevoss brothers.

That was sue case #1. Then, when FB became hot Mark kinda kicked off his best friend Eduardo out. This is sue case #2. Yeap. Mark was being sued twice because of FB. But he's still the youngest billionaire in the world =)

I must say this is a good movie =)

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saltvinegar said...

yup loved it.. but researching on the net, realized the movie was based on only eduardo's version of the story