Sunday, December 5, 2010

Halo | Full Saturday

Remember that I posted a few weeks back that I had an un-eventful Saturday? Well, I had a FULL Saturday this week!

Since Weng was occupied with his company activities, I ended up with morning karaoke at LOUD SPEAKER at Kota Damansara. Not bad! The environment is better than Teo Heng Karaoke. Food OK. Price cheap! I'm surely to come again =)

Then, the plan was to go shopping at 1U. But before that, a pit-stop at Wondermilk for a cuppa latte, muffins and hickory dickory wings! Lovely, just lovely!

Off we go for a shopping spree in 1U. But I didn't get anything lar. OY and WF managed to grab some shoes tho =)

As I was thinking, WOW that was a full Saturday. Then I bumped into Ah Ney =) And hey! Dinner was in plan with Weng on board as well. Fhew! Tired but happy with all the 'exercise' I got =p

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