Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Screen | Bruce Lee

All was wondering how will Aarif Lee do as Bruce Lee. Well, I can give him about 70% ...

Not too shabby... He's HOT! I mean sizzling HOT! He does look like Lee Hom, doesn't he? I first saw him as Desmond in Echoes of the Rainbow with Simon Yam and Sandra Ng. Nice movie too! And did I mentioned that he's HOT? Hehehehe...

Well, Bruce Lee My Brother is another perspective of Bruce Lee's life. From his younger brother's eyes, Robert Lee. This is a story of Bruce's family from his young days till we was sent off to USA.

So, you won't be getting a lot of kung-fu fighting here. But you will see the mischievous kid he was, the first love he had, the best buddies he had.

I personally liked this. If you are looking for gung-ho kung-fu fighting of Bruce Lee, I think you better skip this. But if you want to know about Bruce's past, this is the one =)

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