Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Food | Betty's Midwest Kitchen

What's good to have for Christmas? Western, of course! Heard of Betty's Midwest lotsa time, with good comments too! So, we headed on to Aman Suria Damansara. There was a crowd indeed. Thinking that we could get a table while waiting for the others to come. But nope. You need to be there, the whole gang, then only they'll give you a table.

No worries tho... you can order while waiting for a table. And once you get the table, it's served in no time. That's what we call good service! So, we started off with Crispy Bacon and Dog Food (yeah you read it right) It was a delicious starter!

And came the Pork Chop with Apple. A little bit on the sweet side but it's alright. The mashed potato was good. Real silky... Mmmmm.....

Must try the Baby Back Ribs! Scrumptious! Just sinful! We got the Classical Meatloaf. Very fulfilling. Won't recommend it if you can't take too much meat tho =) All and all ~ was good!

Check it out... Betty's Midwest Kitchen

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