Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Screen | Storm Warriors II

Let's take a breather from a hectic yet fun Melaka trip =) After 10 years, Storm Warriors II is out. Finally ~~ we went full-hearted for a good movie.

BUT ~ yes a big fat BUT... there wasn't a strong storyline to start with. The way it was directed was totally messy. It's like hanging here and there. I can't deny that the CG was better. It's been 10 years, it's expected.

As for the actors ~ Ekin and Aaron ~~~ has aged =_= *of coz lah* However, Aaron looks matured and Ekin looks old. Sorry guys. I like 'Lit Fung' also. Shu Qi did not return and additional Charlene Choi. Nicholas Tse was in too but I have no idea what happened to him towards to the end.

My last say is the Pang Brothers should stick back to horror movies where they're good at. I must say that this was a let down. Don't put too much hope into this if you're planning to watch it.

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