Thursday, December 31, 2009

Halo | Last Day Of 2009

Well. Well. Well. 31.12.2009. The very last day of the year. We always wish for a better new year. Is it because that this year is not good? Hmmm...

Was a long year for me. Lot's of changes. Good ones, not so good ones. Am I making any new year resolutions? I don't think so. What's the use of making them and not making it happen? Hahahaha. I'm just flat lazy.

Plans for 'countdown'... That word is so unfamiliar to me. Gone were those days when we look forward to countdown the new year at happening places. Age seems to play a part here. Yeah yeah. Getting old ~ don't want to be squashed in crowded places. * I do sound old, rite?*

Just planned to have a quite countdown at home. But suddenly had a steamboat invitation from Bubu. Hahaha. Food, drinks, company and no crowded places. GOODY!

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