Monday, December 28, 2009

Halo | That's Christmas!

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas. Time really flies! Just a blink and it would be new year soon. Haven't been up to anything nowadays, even though every Friday is a holiday. Went shopping a little ~ didn't buy anything =(

Am preparing for the big status change day. Hmmm. What's to prepare? Taking care of my complexion. Keeping fingers crossed not to breakout on that day.

Anyway, did managed to catch AVATAR ~ 2D. Will watch the 3D version soon. If you have a choice, do watch the 3D. It's such a beautiful movie. BEAUTIFUL. Was so immerse into it, forgetting it was an animation. 3 hours! Yeap! Worth every sen of it. You'll be 'wow'ing here and there! =)

So, that's Christmas for me. Did you enjoyed yours?

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