Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Halo | To the North!

A good friend of mine, Ah Soon getting married. So, off we go to the NORTH. He's from Ipoh and his wifey is from Bkt Mertajam. And I'm one of the 'heng dai'. Hahahaha.

As the wedding is on Sunday, we planned to go head to Penang first for a short holiday. And looky what we had @ Gurney. But sad to say that the food is not as great as it used to be. But just whack only lah.

We stayed a night at Tanjung Bungah Resort in a double room with 3 person in it. I of coz have to share the single bed ~ fighting for space. Sigh. Fong Fong slept peacefully the whole night. Hmph!

A new landmark ~ Hard Rock Hotel... Penang. Nope, I didn't buy the t-shirt. Hard Rock Penang woh.... Not like Hard Rock London or Hard Rock Bali... Hehehe. But the hotel was real cool. I would stay here. Maybe ~ Maybe ~ =)

Before we head out to Ipoh, we went shopping *as if we don't get the best shopping experience in KL* But we shopaholics won't let any shopping malls unturned! How can we leave without our Assam Laksa? Hehehe...

@ Kek Lok Si Temple *you won't miss it*

Off we go to Ipoh! More food to come! Muahahaha! And of coz Ah Soon's Wedding =)

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