Sunday, November 7, 2010

Halo | Uniqlo

The hype was on about Uniqlo coming to town. Great promo skills they have, engaging to FB to get the words out. I loved Japan Uniqlo where the tees are cool with Japs anime. But we shall see what they have in store for us in Malaysia =)

The queue was long. But I didn't went on the first day it opened. Luckily I didn't go on the first day. I heard that it took people 1/2 to go in. I went on a late weekend where the queue took me about 10 minutes. And I couldn't help myself and bought stuff =)

On opening promo was the tees @ RM29.90, jackets @ RM49.90 and jeans @ RM49.90. Got myself 3 tees and 1 jacket. Look at the queue for jeans fitting can make me faint. So, I bid the jeans goodbye ~~

And here are the goodies. *not as great as Japs Uniqlo tho*

And for him...

And managed to get for his friend too

And finally, a free tote bag for me =)

photos courtesy from butherweng photographer

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