Sunday, November 28, 2010

Halo | Got em'

Wohoo! It's worth the 4 hours queue! Yes. I'm crazy =p

I reached SOGO at about 9.30am and the queue was like a snake! But thank GOD there is a 'Express Lane' for Citibank cardholders. There was about 20 people in front of me. I was thinking this should be OK. But then... I did queue up for 4 hours.

Imagine those who came late. So, Express Lane my FOOT! I'm not sure it's because of TicketCharge? Or Citibank? Or P1? Hahahaha. I saw them using P1 to access the net. My patience was running thin. But for JAY, I must, I must get it!

Supossedly I was thinking to get it online via the Citibank Clear Card special deal. But 'thanks' to TicketCharge which could not support the overwhelming rush with their server. My wish to get the best seats was dashed! HMPH! Then I have no choice but to get it from the launch day itself.

But when I finally got hold on my tickets, all those anger has subsided =) Didn't get the seats I wanted but HEY! I got the second best lah =)

So, JAY CHOU ~ here I come! March 5th ~ 'pat kin pat san'!

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saltvinegar said...

Girl you are amazing.. jay would be so proud! See you on the 5th!i wonder if we'll see each other?