Friday, October 8, 2010

Screen | Eat Pray Love

Julia Roberts is still stunning as ever despite her age =) EAT PRAY LOVE ~~ the tittle itself is so simple. I can say this is a very enlightening movie. You know sometimes when you feel very lost and empty? And you have no idea what's the next move to take? But then we all cowardly move on with our lives.

Liz Gilbert on the other hand ~ bravely let go of everything and left for a year break. To Italy where she ATE ~ to India where she PRAYED ~ to Bali where she LOVED =) I really envied her. But don't you think that this would only happen in the movies?

Anyway, it was a good movie. But don't watch it when you are super tired and don't watch it too late. It's 2.5 hours long with lotsa listening needed =)

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saltvinegar said...

i loved the visuals in the movie and the fact Julia Roberts is in it. But as usual, it seemed really brief compared to the book