Sunday, October 17, 2010

Halo | i-city

Got a chance to visit i-city in Shah Alam. Reached there at about 6 something which was real early. There was no crowd... Hmm... very weird... Just some office lots and nothing much was here.

But there was rows of "LED trees" around. But being there so early, it was not lighted up yet.

It does not look like Malaysia, eh?

Snapped some pix and thought of having dinner. There was only a few restaurants here. Gasoline, a steamboat restaurant, a BBQ buffet restaurant, a Malay restaurant and a cafe. And that was it! I really wonder how they survive...

Well, that was before the sun sets. By night time, people starts to pour in and the "LED trees" are lighted up. Not bad ~ not bad...

By night time

A nice place to visit but I think this is a one time visit for me....

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