Monday, June 21, 2010

Screen | Toy Story Finale

Here we are the the finale of Toy Story. It was a blast! So much 'umph'! I think this was the only sequels that I enjoyed every one of it. Too bad that we have to bid goodbye to Woody and Buzz. *sob~sob*

"reach for the sky!"

"to infinity and beyond!"

At this age, Andy has grown up and ready for college. You can't expect him to take the whole gang to college? Plus, you'll outgrown your toys sooner or later. Being on the sensitive side, they all thought that Andy was going to throw them out. So, they left...

They ended up at a daycare, Sunnyside. Meaning that you as a toy will get to played by kids all the time. But there's toys politic going on here. Headed by a very cute and lonely Lotso Hugging Bear which smells of strawberries. Hmmm. Being accidentally abandon by his kid, he became evil and ruled Sunnyside in a dictator way.

How it ends? Better go check it out yourself. *smirk*

So, for the last time. Here are some of the gang... I'll miss you guys!

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