Friday, June 18, 2010

Screen | Prince of Persia

OMG! OMG! Jake Gyllenhaal! ~ahhhhhhh~ Delicious! That's the word! His piercing eyes ~ His sheepish smile ~ His abs ~ OK! OK! *control myself, please!* Hehehehe..

Of course I'm talking about the Persia Prince ~ Prince Dastan! I know I'm a bit late for this movie. I think Prince of Persia is on the verge of being taken down from the cinema. I got free tix from Mindy and we made it just in time. And thank GOD we made it! I really could go see this again =)

So, as I was saying Jake ~ I mean Prince Dastan, was no royal blood at all. He's just a poor kid that caught the eye of the King and he was adopted. And you thought that the crown war was between him and his step brother. NO! It was between the King and his own brother, the uncle of Prince Dastan.

I think you all have seen the dagger in the previews. Yes, it does turn back time. So, the evil uncle was trying to be King himself. Trying to get the dagger and to change history.

Simple, rite? But you gotta see the moves of Prince Dastan. The fighting and the flirting *hehehe* Really a good watch! Faster go catch it before it's gone from the cinema!

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