Monday, June 14, 2010

Screen | Karate Kid

I wonder why it's called The Karate Kid and not The Kung Fu Kid. Hmmm. The movie was good. First there was Jacky Chan, who we all know he's good in kung fu. Then there's Jaden Smith. I swear to you that he's like a mini Will Smith! But that's what you get if you have him as your father. Hehehe.

Remember the old Karate Kid? Where the famous 'wax on, wax off' term came about? This is not a re-make. It's totally a different story. Dre, whose moved to Beijing from Detroit with his mom is having trouble to settle in. Up until he met Mr Han and got to know about Kung Fu. And I think you can more or less guess the rest =) Not that I'm saying that this is predictable movie, ok?

I liked it =)

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