Sunday, March 14, 2010

Screen | Alice in Wonderland

Not your ordinary fairy tale for Alice in Wonderland. With the Red Queen taken over Wonderland, all was chaotic. Gloomy, lifeless, sad place. Not a bit of Wonderland at all. Alice was needed to save the land as it was seen in the scroll where she will slay the Jabberwocky, dragon kinda thingy. Yoalu'll see lotsa funny names along the way.

But Alice not being a young child anymore, was thinking it was all a nightmare like the ones she had when she was little. Pinching herself, trying to wake up was no help at all. She needs to be the one to slay the Jabberwocky on Frabjous Day (something like Independence Day, I think)

To 3D or not to 3D, that is the question. Well, I watched it without 3D as some friends did say it made no difference. If you are hoping for something like Avatar 3D, you won't find it here.

As for the movie, maybe I was expecting it to be MORE. But it's actually a LESS for me. But I still adore Johnny Depp =)

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saltvinegar said...

i was actually looking forward to this.. but mostly unremarkable reviews ler.. and i wanna watch Nine too.. but hmm.. mayb not in cinemas.