Sunday, March 7, 2010

Halo | Walked the Walk

What a meaningful and tired day! Woke up 5.45am to walk for WALK FOR SCHOOLS organized by Tesco. Actually the walk doesn't start at 8am but need carpool there. So, there I am at Dataran Merdeka at 7.30am!

What is Walk for School? It's a charity walk to donate money for school. There are a lot of charitable people out there. Participants are not just school-goers but also adults that I don't think they are parents accompanying their children.

Off we go for the 4.5km walk!

As per the itinerary, the 1st walker to arrive at 8.30am. Which is about 30 minute walk for 4.5km. Woah! Well, I didn't do that bad. I reached the finish line at 9.00am. 1 hour, not bad, eh? Got a cert to prove that I walked the walk! =)

The joy to see the finishing line!

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