Monday, March 8, 2010

Food | Ninja Joe

Feeling porky? Head to Ninja Joe @ Tropicana City Mall. Non-Halal burgers galore! Muahahaha! It's a cute little restaurant that serve cute little PORK burgers. A few choices of flavour ~ Black Pepper, Spicy, Sweet & Sour, etc.

One drawback, it's very petite. I think it can last 3-4 bites. But it comes in a value pack of multiple burgers. You can have the 2 burgers combo, 3 burgers combo! And yes, you can mix and match the flavours you like. Kudos to the meat patty! Love the texture!

Comes with fries and a drink. But the price... erm... not that cheap lah. Where else can you get fast pork burgers? I miss Thailand McD, Korea McD and Japan McD where PORK burgers are available.

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