Friday, February 10, 2012

Halo | Back to reality

Yup! It's back to work after my long 7 days break. *Yawn* So, now it's officially no more CNY. No more holiday up till 1st May. But I'd be on maternity leave then =) What have I been up to? Hmmm. Lazying around, mahjong, rummy and still going to places. No more airplanes for me but still can't stop me from going about =p

Went to Jenjarom's temple ~ Dong Zen Temple. Heard that the place is decorated for CNY. Indeed the park was filled with flowers and LED lighting! The crowd was huge too. It was a nice experience but I'm not really a park person.

Then, it was Genting to see Doraemon World. Which was not worth it. Except for the Touch N Go card. I think the organizer really have to buck up. The whole event was like a con job! Conning people to spend money at their fun fair and buying their made in China merchandise. Sigh. I had high hopes but it turns out to be a disappointment =( I think the balloon Doraemon at the entrance is better. The 3D ones inside the 4 little poorly decorated rooms are nice but we can't take photos next to them. It's cordoned off =(

But I still love you Doraemon ^^

And just before the end of CNY, the very last day ~ went for a road trip to PD and Melaka! Hahahaha! Who say pregnant lady can't travel? It's a form of exercise! Had a great time too! But the sun was blaring HOT! I went a tone darker =(

Phew... That was my kinda holiday before baby comes =) OK! Back to work for now =p

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