Monday, February 20, 2012

Food | Eating here and there

I've been around eating here and there and everywhere... Can't just pin-point with just one post. So, here you go... A compilation...

Lovely Wafu Steak @ Kisaten, Jaya One

Must try the Pork Burger @ Kisaten, Jaya One

Nice Fettucini Carbonara @ The Bee, Jaya One

Teriyaki Salad @ Watami, Pavilion

Sinful Choco Banana Mousse Cake @ WIP, BSC

Taiwan Kiki by Fong Lye @ KLCC, 4th Floor

And some random places for quick bites =)

@Bistro 42

Toast Box teatime =)

Hot Choco @ Plan B, Publika =)

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