Monday, November 21, 2011

Trippin | Hǎo Chī?

Well... I have no comment on the food there. I think I'm too used to Malaysian food where there are burst of flavors in 1 dish. In China, depending which province you're in, you can taste something different. But they like to keep it to 1 flavor. I admit... I really missed the nasi lemak, hokkien mee and roti canai here. There is no comparison ^^

I managed to tried whatever I can in China ~~ it's a bit oily tho... I'm not a fan of 'tung po yuk' aka fatty pork. And the 'siu loong pau' is not that great. But I kinda liked their normal pau =) The veggie and porky pau. Neh... those cheap cheap ones ^^

Here's the menu ^^

Braised Mee - yummy!

Nan Xiang's superior soup &'siu loong pau'

Cantonese dishes

Japs food for a change ~ tastes GOOD ^^

We tried HK dim sum too

Hairy Crabs was in season ~ too bad I couldn't have it -(

Last but not least ~ 'ping thong woo lou'

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