Friday, November 18, 2011

Trippin | Nie Hao!

So, what I have to say for China? Hmmm... There's still hope with the new generation. I, for one don't think I'll be going to China any soon. Now, don't get me wrong. The place is nice with the scenery. But I still think they are a bit rude (sometimes, mostly the elderly) The young ones are more polite. And the spitting... You can't runaway from it. All the old ones are doing it everywhere!

Here's how it went ~ Suzhou - Hangzhou - Shanghai. It was really tiring. So, I think it's better to follow a tour to China. It's more easier. But you won't get a chance to see their true culture =) An eye opener, even for me as a Chinese ^^

But I salute to their public transport, the trains and LRT are great! I think for this trip I've taken all the transport except the bus. Taxis are abundance! But make sure to get on those metered ones. There a lot of illegal 'taxi' fishing for tourist.

Here's Suzhou and Hangzhou. Scenery are kinda same =p

The city ~ Shanghai... Real cold night there...

And here's for fun ^^

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