Monday, October 3, 2011

Halo | Hello World ^^

Hmmm... How do I start? Or maybe I just smack some photos here? Hehehe...


Following the tradition, we're not supposed to tell the whole wide world about our bundle of joy *shy* But HEY! It's 3 months down the road and approaching the second trimester =)

Thanks GOD I was blessed with non-vomiting pregnancy! Even the doc say that GOD is being good to me =) But another fear is I'll be gaining lotsa weight. But till now, still maintaining. As for my food fascination, to my surprise it didn't change a bit. Woohoo! Downside would be no sashimi, no steamboat, no 'see ham' in my curry mee or charkueh teow... Well, but at least I love to have more veggie and fruits =)

So, there you have it! I'm being a MOM and he's being a DAD! And he already asked "when can I start holding the kid?" OMG! Is he over-excited? LOL!

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