Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Trippin | Melbourne Day 1

Howdy people! After the 8 grueling hours on Emirates flight, we touched down in Melbourne at 1am! I wonder why my friends says that Emirates is nice? =( Tight leg space, not really friendly air stewardess. I still prefer MAS...

But anyway, let's not get the moods down coz of the flight. It's early in the morning. To my surprise there are still some makan place open! My very first hot choco on a cold morning. Very nice, indeed =) After a quick bite, we head back to Arrow on Swanston to nap a bit zzzzzzzz

First stop, we hang around town and admire the beautiful architecture. Love the sunny day but a bit cold sometimes =p I think there's nothing much to say about the town except for the food. We've been pigging out with their big breakfast, hot chocho and loads of dessert =)

More FOOD to come ^^

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