Friday, August 5, 2011

Screen | Apes!

Uhh! Uhh! Ahh! Ahh!

Well, I did thought they would speak like that. But NOOOO! The Rise of Planet of The Apes is a must see. I have no idea what was the previous, old old Apes movie's story. They say it was totally different.

They have cutie James Franco which plays the scientist, Will, that's dying to get a cure for Alzheimer's disease. A cure for his dad. Experiment after experiment didn't get through the Board of Directors. All his apes was to put to sleep after a disastrous presentation of the cure. Except for a baby ape that was then taken care by Will.

Caesar the baby ape has inherited his mother's gene that made him human-intelligent. Being an ape, soon it became too huge and a threat to Will's neighbour. Caesar was sent to animal protection and was abused. Hence, he cleverly created a group of intelligent apes to free all of the apes.

After watching this, I am very against animal testing! It's cruel. Some part, it was tear-jerking...

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