Friday, January 28, 2011

Screen | The Green Hornet ~ Jay Chou

Well, I don't really remember watching the original one with Bruce Lee. So, I can't really compare. But I think if it wasn't for Jay Chou, I don't think I'll watch The Green Hornet. Must support JAY! Yeay!

Most of you might have known what's the story goes about right? 2 guys getting together to become heroes. But their plan is to be the bad guys in order to become the good guys. Does it makes any sense? Hmmmm???

Seth Rogan became The Green Hornet while Jay became Kato, his sidekick. But once you watched this, you'll wonder who's the sidekick? I'm sorry if I don't get this right. I dunno anything about the original version.

And I think that's about it. Nothing much to brag about except that Jay is in it. I am proud that Jay's English is getting well!!! Bravo!

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