Sunday, September 19, 2010

Halo | 3 in a row

What a Saturday! Started off with Mel's 'chut moon'. Whole lots of fun with the sporting 'heng dai'. Mel was successfully married off to Joshua =) Congrats!

ji mui

heng dai

Next stop ~ Kok Yew's & Siew Sing's ROM @ Thean Hou Gong. Congrats! The signing ceremony was short but our photo session took 2 hours! I say, the photo results are good =)

Happy ~ Happy ^^

Then, comes the Mid-Autumn Festival Get Together @ Lisa's. Food galore! And mahjong time! Was too old for lanterns =p

3am! That was the time I reached home. 21++ hours with no rest! And no coffee! What a record!

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