Thursday, April 22, 2010

Halo | Got my album!

Got a call from Keep Gallery today! Yeay! Album is ready for collection! I am excited! But come to think of it, I've seen all the photos dozens of time and know how will the album look like. But I'm still excited to have a look.

So, quickly got off work and went to pick it up. We didn't went with the conventional package where there have a large album and a medium album. We just took 1 album and they gave us a mini album free =)

I wouldn't want to be a spoil brat here. Just let you have sneak peek at the album =p Both big and mini album. I am satisfied with the albums! It looks great!

Besides the albums, got 1 big framed photo and 3 table top framed photos. Oh Oh! And 80 4R jimui photos.

OK. Wedding Photos ~ checked!


saltvinegar said...

Looks good already! You went with the traditional book cover!! We wanted that as well but they sorta insisted we get the new fangled but easily scratched crystal cover.. so we succumbed to the pressure.. groan

Love your card but love your envelope more! Where did you get the stamp and for how $$?

~niCoLe~ said...

yea. we like the simple cover. the crystal cover? oh! it's like my mini album cover, rite?

I got the stamp from Ikano. There's this stall beside the escalator, in front of Popular. Cost is RM30. It comes in different sizes. You can go have a look!

saltvinegar said...

Yup yup like ur mini album cover.. Thanks girl i'll go check it out.. if i have the time.. so much to do so little time...

Ha ha how did ur gown selection go?