Friday, February 26, 2010

Halo | Backdates

Some backdates of stuff here. See the gooey stuff below? It's a healthy drink from my colleague, Mark. I was thinking what on earth he's buying me when he asked whether I wanted something healthy to drink. And TADA! It's wheat grass CONCENTRATED! From Juice Works.

Well, it tasted like grass. MOOOOOO!!!!!! It comes with a slice of orange to rinse out the grass taste. Not bad actually...

Ok. Talking back to human food, I went to a Japs BBQ restaurant with my colleagues. Called Momotalo @ Desa Sri Hartamas. My boss was buying so... we had plum wine. Yummy!

The food was nice especially the lamb. Must try! But I have to say that the variety of meat was not that much. There was no pork. BOOO!!!

The service was good. No need us to cook ourselves. Got chef to do the work. Hehehe. And it's very hygienic too. The metal tray was changed a few times. No worries of eating burnt carbon.

It's worth a try!

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